Unique key ingredient from Sahara, signature scent developed in Switzerland together with contemporary idea and design from Korea – makes Huxley the most interesting skin care brand in the world today. ​

the true beauty

As the “Brave New World” that author Aldous Leonard Huxley predicted becomes a reality today, Huxley is born. Inspired by and named after this visionary, Huxley aims to introduce the best genuine products amid a flood of irrelevant cosmetic information. Huxley is a new and special skincare brand that takes the natural value of skin as its top priority and pursues the true beauty.

great things never came from comfort zones

Huxley focuses on products that address skin problems caused by pollution and urban stress. The brand uses prickly pear cactus seed oil as its primary ingredient, inspired by the Berber women of the Sahara who use it to keep their skin hydrated in the harsh climate.

The key ingredient, certified-organic Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil, is carefully sourced in Morocco. Hand-selected and cold-pressed to procure the maximum benefits, this precious ingredient is antioxidant-rich, highly nourishing and anti-aging.